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Homework Help: Balancing [Redox] Equations

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    I have been staring at the following problem, and I can't seem to get the correct answer. I tried using half reactions and the oxidation number method, but I don't know which works best.

    Write balance net ionic equations for reaction in acidic solution.

    ClO3- (aq) + As2S3 (s) --> Cl- (aq) + H2AsO4- (aq) + HSO4- (aq)

    For the half reaction method, which 2 reactions do I divide this into?
    I tried this way,

    ClO3- --> Cl-
    As2S3 --> H2AsO4- + HSO4-

    but I suppose this is wrong.

    Any help, especially with the half reaction method, is welcome and needed.
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    Any volunteers?

    Thanks again.
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    It would seem one needs H+ or H3O+ to balance the equation.

    The number of atoms must be the same on both sides.

    Also on could use H2O also, as in CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2
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