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Ball bearings

  1. Nov 20, 2008 #1
    i am in need of a brass ball bearing with a bore dia of 1/4inch. can anyone tell me where i could find it?
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    A brass bearing? What is the purpose for specifying brass?

    You need to specify outer diameter as well as load and speed requirements. There are a ton of things to spec out in a bearing.
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    i need brass because the use involves magnet and i don want to use any ferrous material. the load and speed is not a prob cuz the shaft gonna b manally rotated.
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    Most ball bearings are constructed out of stainless steels, chromium, and phenolic materials. None of which have much of any magnetic properties. I think you would have a very hard time finding a brass ball bearing due to it being a rather soft alloy.
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    Like Topher mentioned, you can go with a 300 series stainless for the race materials and a phenolic cage. You may have an issue with the rolling elements depending on the bearing.

    Even if the speed is low, the bearing will have to support a static weight. Depending on the tolerance you need in the bearing play, you could overload the bearing enough to eat up that radial play. Something to consider...

    Take a look at the bearings in McMaster-Carr.
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    If you are turning it by hand do you really need a ball bearing? You may be able to use a bushing made out of brass or nylon etc.
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    McMaster Carr has brass ball bearings. Not sure if you are looking for 1/4 ball bearings or ball bearings with a 1/4 hole through them. McMaster Carr has 1/4 inch brass ball bearings and if you are looking for ones with a hole you could bore them out pretty easily. I might be completely off on what your request is, I was just searching the internet for 1/2" brass ball bearings with a hole prebored and thought this might be what you are looking for.
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