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Ball bouncing of wall

  1. Aug 20, 2015 #1
    I am making a game where a ball rolls along the ground collecting coins. The ball is inside four walls. I want to know what the equation for the ball hitting the wall and coming back is. I want the speed and to find the angle aswell. The ball stays at a solid speed of 10 and has a mass of 1 kg. If it helps this game is being made on unity.

    Thanks - Alex
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    Since speed is conserved, you are ignoring gravity too?
    Any bounce should maintain that the angle a made with the wall coming in will be the same as the angle leaving the wall.
    In 2d, that means if approach angle =a, departure angle = 180-a.
    a=0 describes rolling. a=90 is a straight on bounce and return, ie normal incidence.
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    Ah I see so how would i get the speed of the ball coming off the wall
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    You said the speed doesn't change.
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    Sorry not speed how far will it bounce
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    If you are ignoring gravity (as you must be in order to have constant speed), it will continue after the bounce until it hits the next wall.
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