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Ball grinding machine help!

  1. Oct 7, 2006 #1
    Hi everyones.
    It's lucky for me to know the 4room like that.I hope we can share our useful & professional knowledge about the major we study.For me,for instant,chemical engineering is my major!
    First,let me introduce myself.My name ThaiBuiHuu,the 5-years student of HaNoi University of Technology.As i said before,my major is Chemical Engineering.
    To prepare the graduate,i must protect some projects i chose before.And one of my projects is design the ball screw grinding machine.(It's not my biggest & last project).The feed is Apatit.The diameter of original feed is 5mm,anh the diameter of the end product is 0.075 mm.
    In the process of designing,i got some trouble.I can not imagine the rule of feed's flow when water is appear in this process.Normanly,there are 2 rules of feed's flow in the drum of grinding machine:Fall rule & Layer rule...So please give me ur advice about 2 rules,thanks a lot.
    By the way,to support our 4room,"the drawing of grinding machine" is one of my gift to every members.
    Sorry for my poor english.!

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