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Ball in pipe

  1. Oct 23, 2011 #1

    Im bilding a device.

    I have 1m vertical pipe with fan in the bottom and stepper motor at the top with sliding ping

    pong ball in it.

    (pipe d=45mm, ball d=40mm 2.7g)

    Stepper controls ping pong high in the pipe.

    The device is working but mehanics is not my aria at all so it is very difficult to me to

    calculate all of it.

    I have 25 CFM fan that located a couple mm under the pipe that working at a constant

    rate, my question is how I can calculate using Bernoulli or Stocks laws if some

    of the airflow is getting out from the space between the fan and the tube.

    Also how can I calculate the pressures ratio if I have turbulence on the sides of the ball.

    Please help.

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