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Ball Lightning (GLO's, etc)

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    I am in the final stages of writing a paper on a Ball Lightning event earlier this year in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK. The event occured in February, late evening during a cold NE airstream with occasional snow showers. It appears to have been precipitated by an aircraft contacting a large aerial BL at about 3000ft immediately followed by at least 6 sightings within domestic dwellings of non harmful visual plasmoids of various shapes (one has been reliably reported as passing through the upper body of a woman with no ill effect whatsoever).
    I have been looking at this incident from a meteorological angle ( although this has somewhat pushed my limited knowledge in that area).
    I would be exteremely grateful if anyone could put forward any theories or ideas on how a phenomona like this is initiated and controlled. Please bear in mind that I am unfortunately not a scientist(although I will make every endeavour to "transalate" any replies).
    For the sceptics, previously I would have regarded a similar report with a large pinch of salt ! However, independantly interviewing a number of witnesses in a very impartial way I have no doubt whatsoever what occured.
    Thanking you in advance (and hoping this is the correct forum)
    Paul Domaille
    ps If anyone would like any further details please send me a pm.
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    Thanks matthyaouw, plenty of reading their !
    Paul D
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