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Ball lightning is LBHs

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    http://www.citebase.org/abstract?id=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Aastro-ph%2F0104026 [Broken]

    n-Dimensional Gravity: Little Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Ball Lightning
    Authors: Rabinowitz, Mario
    The gravitational field, and radiation from quantized gravitational atoms and little black holes (LBH) are analyzed in n-space, i.e. in all dimensions to develop insights into possible additional compacted dimensions as predicted by hierarchy and string theory. It is shown that the entropy of LBH is significantly greater in higher dimensional space with potential implications to the initial entropy of the universe. A case is made that LBH are the dark matter of the universe, and can manifest themselves as the core energy source of ball lightning (BL). The LBH incidence rate on earth is related to BL occurrence and has the potential of aiding in the determination of the distribution of LBH and hence dark matter in the universe. Examination of LBH interactions with the atmosphere are found to be in accord with observations of BL. Possibilities are explored as to why Hawking radiation has been undetected in over 25 years. An alternate LBH tunneling radiation model is described.
    Comment: 39 pages. Keywords: dark matter, gravitational atoms, higher dimensions, hierarchy, black hole radiation, entropy, strings, ball lightning

    This seems a little stretch of the imagination to me, has it been flaged before?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Yes, and it is linked in the Credible Anomalies Napster's Ball Lightning section, but it is worth a second go around. I don't know how credible the idea may be, but it is certainly a fascinating proposition. https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=57039

    It appears to have been published in a respectable journal.
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