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Ball Lightning.

  1. Jan 11, 2015 #1
    Greetings from NZ.....I'm a new member and a physics luddite. In 2008 I had a close encounter with what I eventually found out was Ball Lightning. I find it hard to believe that here we are 2015 and still no solution to this phenominon.
    Are there any researchers out there currently working on this subject?
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    I started with Wikipaedia back in March 2014,when I discovered its name (which I believe to be misleading). Then I moved on to other'popular' sites....ie..'Report Ball,Lightning' After having seen the real thing many of the theories I read didn't come close to explaining it. My sighting was in calm conditions, no storm activity, and not a breath of wind. It was glowing white (same intensity as the LED driving lights that the new cars come with). It was over a metre wide....perfectly spherical. It kept a constant speed of approx 35 kph (I can't translate to knots) and held a height of 5-6 meters. It also carried a straight course following our house fence line.
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    Yes, it is 2015, but there are still unsolved problems. The laws of physics that govern earth and atmospheric processes are well understood, but correctly and completely applying these laws to a system as complex as the earth can still be a very difficult problem.

    Chances are that your google searching and the wikipedia article have found most of what is there to find.
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    The problem is that ball lightning is extremely rare, making it nearly impossible to study. If you run into it again, I suggest keeping a notepad handy and asking it a few questions before it disappears. ;)
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    This gentlemans theory is new......are they linked to mini black holes?
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    ..... and a camera
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    That is hardly new - the idea was floating around a quarter-century ago according to the wikipedia page. To say that it is "fringe" would be generous. We can close this thread; if anyone has further contributions that are consistent with the Physics Forums rules on acceptable sources let me know by private message.
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