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Ballboy takes a dive!

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    What rubbish! I can't believe the referee actually fell for the ballboy's act and red carded Hazard! I hope they fine the ballboy (although a lot of good that will do - his club will pay the fine out of gratitude!)


    It just amazes me the depths that sportsmen (and women) will drop to in order to win. Armstrong's doping, Victoria Azarenka's ten minute "injury" timeout to compose herself after blowing 5 straight match points, and a hometown ballboy that somehow "I've fallen on the ball and can't get up" (that's a new verb by the way) just when the hometown team needs to kill the clock to advance.
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    Word has it, he was inspired to waste time from a twitter message. He should be fined, but what Hazard did was just stupid.
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