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Ballistic Pendulum Question

  1. Feb 23, 2008 #1
    Calculate the most reasonable muzzle velocity of the ball bearing given:

    Mass of Bearing = .033kg
    Mass of the Combination = .064kg
    Length of Pendulum = .235m
    Theta = 24 degrees

    I was able to solve that and get Vmuzzle = 1.247 m/s^2

    The second part of the question is what i'm having trouble with.

    If we were to devise an experiment to check that the above muzzle velocity is correct by firing the bearing straight upwards, what height would you expect the bearing to reach (most reasonable)?

    I'm pretty sure I can figure this out once I get a starting point. We covered this section in lab before lecture and I wasn't able to find a similar example looking ahead in the book to base a solution on.


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    Doc Al

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    The second part is a projectile motion problem. What's the initial velocity? The acceleration? Use kinematics. (You can also use conservation of energy, if you like.
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    Got it! Thanks Doc!
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