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Homework Help: Ballistic Pendulum Speed

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    A 12.5 g bullet is shot into a ballistic pendulum that has a mass of 2.37 kg. The pendulum rises a distance of 9.55 cm above its resting position. What was the speed of that bullet?
    m(bullet) = 0.0125 kg
    m(pendulum) = 2.37 kg
    h = 0.0955 m

    I know that I'm supposed to use conservation of energy:

    Unfortunately this equation does not take into account how high the pendulum swung, which is obviously an important factor.
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    Doc Al

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    Treat this problem as having two parts:
    (1) The collision of bullet and pendulum. (What's conserved here?)
    (2) The swinging of pendulum+bullet after the collision. (What's conserved here?)
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