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Balloon Car

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    Hi All,

    I'm building a balloon car and I'm in need of ways to increase the speed of the car.

    Here's a description: Attach a balloon to a car. Rave the balloon powered car over 3 meters. The car must move on its wheels and the sole source of propulsion must be provided by the balloon.

    Okay so I guess my question is, where should the balloon be placed to get the fastest movement, what materials should I use, how should I design the car. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The balloon should be placed at the inlet to the piston, "obviously".. :smile: Do you realise though, half the point of the task is creativity?
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    internal combustion engine, or propulsion?
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    Ballon Car

    I have been a macanic for 30 years. I would use ten speed tires. They are ment to go faster and are lighter. It is just a thought. I hope you do well.
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