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Balloon Copter

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    Not realy a hybrid more along the lines of completly substituting the balloon for a jet turbine and being able to change the angle of the propeller for take off and fast flight.
    Maybe even making the blades stationary in flight and by adjusting the end nozzle of the blade to enable a faster performance than a helecopter.
    I am not sure if you nowticed but the air from the balloon flows through the prop and is ejected out the ends which causes rotation of the blades and ballon and lift at the end of the propellers.
    Obviously the jet turbine won't be allowed to rotate with the prop.
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    Well fancy that, thanks for the link A.T. must admit have never seen a Tip Jet before it fits the bill allmost.Wonder why they are not so prolific and well known.
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    Turbine? That doesn't compute - is that the word you really meant to use? Could you explain what the turbine would be doing?
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    No it's not the word turbojet would be more usefull.The turbine would be compressing gas to power a jet engine.The compressed gas coming out of the engine would travell through tubes into the rotor or blades and be ejected at the tips making them turn, much like a garden sprinkler inverted.This would create thrust and lift depending on the amount of gas produced.
    Changes in the angles of the blades, tips and the amount of rotation combined with the gas produced would enable the different caperbilities needed for flight. Ie, hovering, up down forewards backwards.
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