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Balloon in vacuum

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1
    Could a balloon be filled with vacuum - in a vacuum?

    And if a balloon was filled with any other gas and put in a vacuum, it would just expand until it popped, no doubt?
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    From how im thinking - a vacuum and a vacuum would have same pressure so the balloon would neither inflate or deflate.

    As for the gas question - yes it would eventually pop. Becuase the pressure outside of the balloon would be much lower than the gas inside.
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    If a balloon was put in a vacuum with a very small amount of air in it, it could just expand a bit until the tension in the balloon was sufficient to sustain a somewhat small pressure differential between inside (some non zero but very low pressure) and outside (zero pressure).
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    Okay i should of said the amount of air is a factor but yes it does expand the balloon :P
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