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Balloon physics

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    If you have a string strung horizontally between two chairs, how can you get a balloon from one end of the string to the other, and then back again? You can use items such as tape, paperclips, straws, more balloons, ect. I have tried this and have found if you put the string through a straw, and then tape a blown up balloon to the straw, the ballon will travel to the other side of the string. The problem is how do you get the balloon back again?
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    Push it with your finger?

    Seriously, what practices are allowed and which are forbidden? I'm assuming pushing it back across with your hand is not an acceptable solution. But you say "other balloons" can be used, so there's a way. Can you turn the balloon around onve it reaches the first chair?

    Personally, I would probably just elevate one of the chairs.
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