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Balloon pipe expt.

  1. Sep 10, 2015 #1
    Just made up a thought experiment. Looking for reviews. As follows: Assuming an "inflatable pipe" operating in vacuum to neglect ext. Influence, fluid flows through the pipe such that supports are only at the two rigid end connectors.The pipe will sag during operation due to fluid self weight. The purpose is to create natural curvature and study pressure at various points such that negative pressure will "deflate" the pipe and vice versa. At high velocities the prediction I'm making is that at the linear ends, pipe caves in, trying to block the flow while excess positive pressure at the curvature tends to inflate at that point until the pipe tensional reaction pushes through the deflated ends thus making a vibrating fluid line with cyclic flow and pressure at every point.
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    (1) Study any flexible air or hydraulic line as contained pressure varies .

    (2) Politeness and forum rules prevent me from giving any further observations .
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