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Balsa Analysis

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    I'm a second year Mechanical Engineer studying at Manchester University

    We have been assigned a project to design a structure made from balsa to break at an applied force of 200N (fig. balsa loads). In the pictures is the design we have decided upon (not least because it does not resemble the generic design chosen by many others). The question I am asking is how to best model the bending stresses that will occur at the top of the design (fig. balsa x-sect), as the widths and thickness's of the balsa sections need to be (obviously) justified and decided upon. I have attempted parallel axis theorem but with the vast number of variables and epic tables its proving very difficult.
    It is designed such that the top member is a planned obsolescence and is the only member that breaks at the 200N. Does anyone know of any neat tips that I could use to make the analysis easier, I have already made some simple assumptions (such as all members are rectangular)
    N.B this is not a finished model, there will be beams between the two parallel legs etc. but as far as the top is concerned it is just conveying the idea of how the top will work (not the mechanics of how we will join the members together)

    Any help is seriously seriously appreciated, I have been attempting this for ages (with little help from team-mates)


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