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Banach-Tarsky paradox

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    i find it is imposible..in fact there is more matter in the end that in the principle....
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    please clarify
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    Do you mean that i is an impossible number

    i2 = -1

    It is physically impossible but mathematically it is a number, albeit a complex one.

    Remember the study of complex numbers eventually lead to the development of the mathematics of flight for example. Just because it seems useless doesn't mean it is.
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    Re: Imposible¬°..

    Are you referring to the Banach-Tarsky paradox (one sphere becoming to spheres)?

    Please try to post on the corresponding topic, so people know what you are talking about.
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    end of mathematics ever,
    end=aim (would mean physicists/mathematicians deliberately thinking out queer and funny numbers, operators, axioms, methods, just for fun or tinker arguments for their theories, ignoring the principles in nature)?
    do you just not like maths? :)
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