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Medical Banana poisonous part

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    I am not sure whether it's right place to ask it,but anyways.
    Actually I have heard that bottom most part of banana is poisonous.There is an image confirming this
    which I have attached here.I am really worried ,my mother said she used to eat this so called"poisonous part"It is just a myth.
    poisonous part.jpg
    What you experts think?
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    I haven't heard of this before and the description 'absolute poison' in that image implies there to be something present in a banana which is harmful in the extreme to the extent of being lethal.
    If that was the case I am sure that supermarkets and other retailers would be placing large red warning signs wherever bananas are sold,
    and news reports of banana fatalities and even banana suicide would be common.
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    No it is not poisonous.
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