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Band bending

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    Hello everyone !

    In below picture we can see band bending in semiconductor at SiO2 interface,
    as show in picture how charge's BE(binding energy) and KE(kinetic energy) are changing..??
    Or what happens to charges total energy in band bending ..??


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    Please re-read what you wrote. These appear to be statements that just happen to end with "?". What EXACTLY are you asking for here?

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    Sorry for the inconvenience,

    the above picture is a Schematic representation of band-bending in SiO2/p-Si and SiO2/n-Si interfaces.
    B.E. and K.E. refer to binding and kinetic energies respectively.

    this is the only small information available from it.

    Now my question is,
    How exactly the band-bending causes the electrons/holes energy to change from B.E to K.E or from K.E to B.E ?
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