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Band structure simulation using Snider program

  1. Mar 24, 2010 #1
    Does anyone have any experience using Gregory Snider's 1D Schrodinger/Poisson solver? I'm trying to do some simulations of a quantum well my group is studying, and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the code is buggy or if I'm just interpreting the results incorrectly. Here's the code I'm running:

    GaAs t=100.00 dy=10
    AlGaAs t=1000.00 dy=10 x=0.16
    algaas x=.16 t=10 Na=1.00000E+20 dy=10
    AlGaAs t=800.00 dy=10 x=0.16
    GaAs t=200.00 dy=10
    AlGaAs t=20000.00 dy=10 x=0.16
    GaAs t=10000.00 dy=10
    substrate schottky v1

    v1 10

    The problem I'm having is that by changing the voltage v1 on the substrate I'm not able to modulate the density in the well at all (and the band structure doesn't change noticeably either). I've tried doing this with his included quantum well file and I am able to modulate the density and band structure significantly. Does this program just not work well for thick layers? (His quantum well example has much thinner layers). The program also overestimates the density in the well significantly (it says the density is of the order of 10^16 cm^-2 while our the density measured in the actual device was around 10^10 cm^-2). Anyone have any suggestions or know of any other solvers?
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