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Bandgap Values for GaAs and Si

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    I'm doing a lab report on optical absorption of semiconductors. As such I would like to verify the values of the bandgap Eg which I have calculated through experiment. I tried searching Google but I got a lot of results to technical papers which didn't help at all. I would like to know if anyone here can tell me the bandgap value for both GaAs and Si. Thanks.
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    Si: http://www.ioffe.rssi.ru/SVA/NSM/Semicond/Si/bandstr.html

    GaAs: http://www.ioffe.rssi.ru/SVA/NSM/Semicond/GaAs/bandstr.html

    Note that Si does not have a direct band gap, at least for the crystalline Si.

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    Thanks Zz.
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