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Bandwidth problem

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    hi, I've got simple circuit with noninverting op amp. There are two resistors by which gain is set. And as far as I know the product of bandwidth and gain constant. That is, if we increase the gain the bandwidth decreses and if we decrease the gain , bandwidth increses. The problem is that I am supposed to add an extension to that circuit that would increase the bandwiidth but the gain would stay the same, lets say 100. How is that possible? Thanks to everyone wishing to help me with this.
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    Yes, you can do that.

    Two amplifiers with a gain of 10 will have a greater bandwidth than one with a gain of 100.

    If you used 4 amplifiers with a gain of 3.2 you would get a gain of 3.2 * 3.2 * 3.2 * 3.2 which is about 105 and that setup will have a much better bandwidth than one amplifier with a gain of 100.
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    Thanks awfully , firend. I will try to test it in Multisim today.
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