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Bang or No Bang

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    Hello All

    Reading many posts I find people not understanding the theory behind the Big Bang.

    I do not agree with the BBT, but! that does not make me right. I'm not emotionally attached to any theory.

    Here are some links in support of the Big Bang, later I will post against. For now maybe discuss the supporting issues.

    Tango at your speed.

    Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

    A Glimpse of the Young Milky Way
    http://www.eso.org/public/outreach/press-rel/pr-2002/pr-19-02.html [Broken]

    Evidence for the Big Bang

    Frequently Asked Questions in Cosmology

    History of the Big Bang Theory

    Chapter 10 Origin of the Elements

    Mysterious iron factory in the Early Universe

    Phase Transitions in the Early Universe


    Foundations of Big Bang Cosmology

    If anybody has links that can support the Big Bang, please post them.
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    Space-time inflated then matter came later and fell together. And by this then radiated. This way of creating matter with finite density allows the Big Bang to get over its limiting infinite gravity.

    Space first then matter then radiation to go Bang!
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    What do you have about the Big Bounce? Lately I don't hear so much talk about big "bang" and "singularity". Instead i hear about the proposed cosmological bounce.

    This proposal goes back in time a little before where the old singularity was supposed to be.

    Do you have any links about the Bounce? do you have some explanation or support links?
    Please add them to your list!
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