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Bank curve problem

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    Is normal force on moving car on a track a component of weight or vice versa.
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    Because the centripetal force is aiming in the direction of x axis ,, The Normal Force would be resolved into to components one is equal to the weight of the moving object
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    It means that weight is component of normal force. Is centripetal force directed towards center of circle or towards the axis because these are two different cases.
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    If you draw a free body diagram of this problem what would you have ,,

    the Mg lies on the negative y axis pointing toward the center of earth , the centripetal force is pointing toward either positive x axis or negative x axis [horizontal plane] , And the normal force would have an angel with the x-axis [which will be resolved into components]
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    I wanna ask that is centripetal force acting towards the center of circular track or towards its central axis(x direction)
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    To the center of the circle NOT to the center of the x-direction ,, I didn't mean that ,,

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    If it is then the normal force is perpendicular to the track ( ie perpendicular to centripetal force) then it would have no component providing the requisite force. Here is the figure in photo.

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    Actually what you have drawn is somehow mistaken , The centripetal force direction is a horizontal line from the moving object to the center of the circular track ,,
    See this picture ,,
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    That was I wanted to confirm
    You had first said that it is towards center but if it is so then the normal force would be at right angle to centripetal force as I drew but the figure you drew confirms that it is towards the axis. I took direction of normal force as y- axis.
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    Okay ,, The picture implies my point And sorry for my English
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    Thank you for helping me. We done it together.
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