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Medical Bankhart lesion recovery

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    On 7-4-09 I completely dislocated my shoulder including the bankhart. One month later I had the surgurey and everything went well according to the Dr. I've been doing aggressive PT and have just started using 8-10lb wieghts for most of the movements. The pain has gone away from the joint but now it's more the medial shoulder muscle that hurts. It always feels tight and although I'm making progress I just wanted to know if anyone else as had this surgurey and how long it took them. I really just want to go back to working out, pushups and oh how I miss my pullups. I'm trying to be paitient and I'm still inside the 6 months I've heard that it can take to heel. Anyone else gone through this?
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    Hi Tiki - I had that same sugery, some 20 years ago. I did a lot of swimming to supplement PT (with the blessing of my surgeon) and I feel the swimming was far more helpful than PT in relieving the tightness. It did take a long time to recover, though...I finally felt like I was making good progress six months after surgery.

    My surgeon made it clear to me that I will never have full range of motion, and in fact I should not even try, as it might ruin the surgical repairs. So I've adapted to my limited range in that shoulder and I hardly notice it now.

    I'm assuming you're male, so 8 pounds is a good weight to start with (I'm female so I would have used 2 or 3 lbs). Be patient, I know it's hard but you don't want a set back. Good luck!
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