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Banned From Image Shack?

  1. Jul 10, 2006 #1
    WHAT THE!?

    I tried to upload a pic, it wont even load the website. It says "this ip has been banned"

    Is any one else getting this?


    I kept clicking buttons because I could not find one of their old hosting links and then it said "banned" ............son of a ........
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    Yeah, I just used that one instead, thanks.

    P.S. Don't use alot in a school paper, it's not a word. It's a lot.
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    I know that, but on the web, typing alot is quicker
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    They got sick of you uploading child porn maybe?
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    But I only sent them my pictures of you.
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    How would you have pictures of me? stalker
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    I found them on the nature website. I have pictures of your whole family.

    Do you really want me to post pictures of your parents throwing their poo at you in disapproval?

    I always thought you were a bunch of apes.......
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    They probably had problems with someone else using the same ISP as you and blocked a range of IPs. Unless you've been uploading copyrighted material to their site and someone complained.
  11. Jul 10, 2006 #10
    :rofl: Pengwuino got you for all those times making fun of him!!!

    I got banned from wikipedia the other day because I signed up for an account with the name "Jimbo" in it :rofl:
  12. Jul 10, 2006 #11
    No, he did not "get me"....go listen to your HACK-im cds....:rolleyes:
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