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Complaint Banned IP address

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm having this issue where 70% of the time I can't reach the PF because it says my IP address has been banned. (It only happens when I'm using my mobile phone to access PF.)
    I searched this issue and found this 11 years old thread, where I saw that the problem has something to do with the proxies. This is a problem for me because I am not using any Vpn or proxy softwares. The software I'm using is completely vanilla- I diddn't change any network settings. And my phone provider demands some money to change the dynamic IP with a static one. (Also, I don't think it's safe)
    If I'm using dynamic IP, and my IP adress is banned 70% of the times, does that mean PF banned every 7 of 10 IPs in the world?
    And I have encountered something like this in my whole life only in PF. How does this happen?
    And how come I am the only one experiencing this?
    What should I do?

    Note: I'm using google chrome for android. Interestingly I get blocked even when I'm using Puffin (a server based browser). Shouldn't it be using a different IP?

    Thank you
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    We are only banning one range at the moment. PM what your IP is for the phone.
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