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Banned pages of Theory Development

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    Ref: message from Integral

    No one is allowed to start threads in the Theory Development forum. If you post you message to the General Physics forum I will be more then happy to move it to Theory Development for you.

    Many thanks; thread follows:

    On the now banned pages of Theory Development, the main justifications for my proposal for a different interpretation of Relativity was that the Michelson and Morley experiment was incorrectly interpreted; and my case for a different interpretation of Quantum theory was based on the incompleteness of the current Standard Model interpretation.
    Although both these arguments were soundly rejected, I now find that many professionals hold the same view and in the case of Michelson and Morley have done so right from the start. The weakness of the Standard Model interpretation is mentioned by Barut, Griffiths, Veltman and others. The case against Michelson and Morley is given in an article in the current issue of New Scientist based on a paper by Marizio Consoli in Physics Letters A (vol 333, p335).
    I have revised my webpage with the aim of achieving greater clarity. At present I am working my way through Veltman’s version of the Standard Model interpretation, making a step by step comparison with a linear vacuum force model interpretation. My case remains the same, it is that QT is right, but the Standard Model interpretation is both incomplete and unsatisfactory.
    I have opened a debating forum on
    http://www.multimedia.com.ro/webforum/viewtopic.php?p=102#102 [Broken]
    You are invited to link your own interpretations and submit opinions, and join in the cutting edge debate.
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