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Banner Ads

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    The Google ads were tasteful. The banner ads you've chosen to use are largely very annoying, and very trashy. Does PF really need to advertise adult websites?

    I've already blocked images from all the ad servers anyway.

    - Warren
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    Personally the google ads weren't generating anything.

    There were adult banners!?!?

    I realized they are anoying, but they generate a few bucks a day which was more than google ads. Just turn images off or immediately scroll down. Most ads are decent though.

    They may or may not stay. At this point I am just trying all options and experimenting.
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    I understand you've got to pay for servers, etc. somehow & ads are one way to do so but the ads that 'bounce' are really really annoying. Please keep looking for alternatives.
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    jimmy p

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    Keep the Ladbrokes.com ones Greg, they are advertising for the company i work for!!! good for business...
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