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    In the banner at the tippy top of the page, is the equation to the right of Einstein's head [tex]g(C):=\sum^m_{i=1}\sum_{k\in C}\|x_k-x_C\|^2[/tex]? Why is it x_C instead of x_i. Is this a special equation or something that somebody made up?

    I think i might be seeing now that its [tex]g(C):=\sum^m_{i=1}\sum_{k\in C_i}\|x_k-\overline{x}_{C_{i}}\|^2[/tex] which makes sense.
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    Welcome back grady :)

    It's made up
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    ha ha ha... and all this time i thought it was complex physics equation
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    I suggested he use a real equation... but... what the hell. Greg if you still have the photoshop files, would you consider changing the equation to a meaningful one?

    - Warren
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    jimmy p

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    You fraud Greg...lol I like it. :biggrin:
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    It's made up?! No wonder I failed my last test. :sad:
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