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Homework Help: BaNO(3)2 + NaOH formula

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    If you mix BaNO(3)2 + NaOH what would be the chemical chemical reaction in formula?
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    a simple double displacement reaction

    [tex] Ba (NO_{3})_{2} + 2Na OH \rightarrow 2NaNO_{3} + Ba (OH)_{2} [/tex]

    balance away!

    p.s. dexter is right since Ba has 2 valences there will be 2 OH ions in barium hydroxide
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    Thanks that really helped. :tongue2:
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    The reaction provided is incorrect.

    [tex] Ba\left(NO_{3}\right)_{2}+NaOH\rightarrow NaNO_{3}+Ba(OH)_{2}\downarrow [/tex]

    Do you see the difference?

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