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Barbie and Ken are separating after 43 yrs of friendship

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    Is this just a lame article, or is this really a business stunt?? I read in my newspaper today that Mattel is going to break the '43 year relationship' of Barbie and Ken, because of Ken's reluctance to get married, while Barbie is always walking around in wedding dresses, also her busy schedule has put a strain on the relation (so it reads).

    Apparently they are coming out with a new model: Cali Girl. If this publicity is real: what message are they sending to children!!!??

    http://www2.telegraaf.nl/multimedia/archive/00246/BarbieenKen_246261c.jpg [Broken]
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    jimmy p

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    Is Cali-Girl gonna marry Barbie or Ken? What will happen to Ken? he will just fade away because he lived on Barbie's fame. She will rob him of every penny he has. Maybe it was because he had no genitals...
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    Ken sustained 43 years of marriage with Barbie with no genitals. wow. I doubt that would ever happen in real life.
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    jimmy p

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    i wonder if they ever told the people at Mattel that Barbie and Ken were plastic....
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    The people at Mattel have been living with Barbie and Ken for so long that their minds have become subject to large amounts of distortion. They think plastic, therefore they cannot discern the difference between plastic and real. That probably explains their infaturation with them.
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    There is a love triangle, GI Joe is the reason behind all this. He's a Hero, he's packing heat and much more muscle bound than Ken..they've been carrying on an affair ever since Barbie first saw him in his Marine Corps dress blues.
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    How come GI Joes have no balls yet carry enough firepower to level a third-world village? I think I just answered my question.
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