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Bargain hunting

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    There are certain rare books I've been looking for over the past 10 or so years...I spotted 2 of them on eBay yesterday going for just a little over $1. They each have one bidder riding on them, and from their bid history I can see that they usually bid once and never again. I've got about 18 hours to go...and I'm hoping to snatch them up in the last 5 minutes! I just hope that there is nobody else thinking the same thing. I've never done the eBay thing before so I don't know what my chances are.

    The thing is, they are not so rare that I couldn't buy them at any time if I didn't mind dropping $50-100 on a little book. It has occurred to me that they obviously must be worth more than $50 to me if I've been keeping an eye out for so many years, but for some reason I don't just want to acquire them...I want to feel like I got them at a steal price! Funny thing, bargain hunting, isn't it?
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