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Barrel cam design, Torsion, Rotational Speed, Displacement

  1. Sep 11, 2013 #1

    I'm a student and I have project making a harvesting tool which need barrel cam

    I need force to cut trunk of coconut tree (I don't know it in english, what I mean is the hard part of coconut leaf)

    I'm a bit confuse here

    from Robert L Norton book Cam Design and Manufacturing (which I only read a bit from web because I don't have one) it always explain about displacement, velocity and acceleration of follower. And I try to use Dynacam 10.0, it gives me very big number, like the velocity is 2million mm/s

    I have made the prototype of the tool and barrel cam, it has diameter 21.5 mm, and 5 mm displacement, I don't know working speed but I'll assume 7000 RPM, and it did cut the leaf

    My question is which force that I will use to cut the leaf, follower mass and its acceleration which is F=m.a

    or force from the shaft which I get from shaft's torsion?

    second question is how to design diameter of barrel cam or any other reference is very helping me

    I have
    -Torsion of shaft
    -RPM of shaft
    -Follower Displacement (I'm using 5 mm now, but it can be changed)
    -Follower movement is translating

    Thank you so much
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