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Homework Help: Barrier potential with N steps (and she's climbing the potential stariway to la )

  1. Oct 26, 2008 #1
    Hey people,

    So I have a problem where i have to find the transmitivity and reflectivity coefficients of a potential:

    V=-(n^2-1)E where (E is positive, constant and is the energy of the particle) Note: V IS NEGATIVE
    for n=1,2,...N.

    For each "n" the region is of fixed length "a" except first and last one which go off to infinities.

    I was thinking of approximating the staircase of the potential as a harmonic oscillator given N is large but i don't really know how that problem should be solved, it's definetely not easier :)
    i.e. V=0 for x<0
    =1/2m(w^2)(x^2) for 0<x<Na
    =(N^2-1)E for x>0

    Any help is appreciated!!

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