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Homework Help: Barrier Tunneling

  1. Oct 23, 2005 #1
    I can't work out what I am doing wrong in this question. Anyways, here it is:
    A 3.0 MeV proton is incident on a potential energy barrier of thickness 10fm and height 10 MeV. What is the transmission coefficient T.
    And here is what I have tried:
    [tex]b=\sqrt{\frac{8\pi^2(1.673*10^-27)\frac{10*10^6 - 3*10^6}{1.602*10^-19}}{(6.626*10^-34)^2}}[/tex]
    This gives me a transmission coeffecient of approximately 0, and the answer given in the book is 9.02*10^-6. Your help on this is much appreciated.
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  3. Oct 23, 2005 #2
    Never mind, as soon as I posted it and saw my equation in front of me I worked it out. Silly mistake.
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