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Homework Help: Baryon may have a charge

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    A baryon may have a charge of:

    a) -1/3 e
    b) 0 e
    c) 2/3 e
    d) 4/3 e

    I have no idea what a baryon is... and I've spent over 20 minutes online trying to answer this simple question.
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    Ok... I read that but I still don't get it.
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    My guess would be choice b) 0 e.

    Am I correct?
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    <looks at cyby and asks> "Are you stalking me?" :)


    Read under "Baryon", and look at the two EXAMPLES of baryons that were given. Anything more, I might as well do this problem for you and you would have learned nothing.


    P.S. Did you miss the "Homework Zone" section when looking for a place to post this?
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    I did read... they're protons and neutrons. So, that's why I asked "Is it 0 e?" for a neutron.
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    And this isn't homework... it's in a review packet for my final exam, but the packet is all the things he didn't teach us that we might need to know.
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    Well, what are the charges of the baryons listed? Since you know that two examples of them are neutrons and protons, you can easily deduce their charge quantities....
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