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So i have talked to some people, and they have been telling me pros and cons of continuing towards a masters degree after your bachelors, and one point that stuck across my mind was that with a masters degree you are over qualified for entry level positions, however you are under qualified for the master degree jobs. What do you guys think?

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If you can afford the time and the money to get the Masters, go for it. You may end up being (on paper) "over-qualified" for entry-level positions, but if you are willing to accept entry-level wages, you'd be more likely to be hired. It's a sad truth that unless a graduate has managed to work internships in related industries, hardly any new graduate truly hits the ground running. Everybody has to learn the ins and outs of their new employer's industry, including the internal workings of the company.

My youngest nephew got a great job as a newly-minted engineer, but he had worked internship jobs at the closest paper mill every summer through college. 3 summers of that kind of work got him some decent creds in the industry and when he graduated, he already had a job waiting for him.