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Base 10 Anomaly

  1. Apr 9, 2005 #1
    Base 10 Anomaly

    An applied 49-year study into the origin of pi and the Base 10 number system resulted in the finding of a highly anomalous formula. Essentially, the finding derives from the perfect ratios (0:1:1:2:3:4) given by Pythagoras who we know studied and perhaps taught in the Babylonian temples of learning. Unquestionably the cipher given of his perfect ratios relates of Base 10 - all cardinal numbers of the system relating of diameter to the circular plane. Here is the formula succinctly given - you can take it from there.

    9^2 (10) (DD) = area; where 9 is culmination to Base 10 and diameter of circle; (10) is Base 10 (recognized by Pythagoras as given by the cipher); (DD) is the degree-distance between each angular degree of the 360-degree circumference, given as pi/40 for the diameter of 9. The anomaly is seen where the degree-distance as given by the diameter applies to giving the area to a circumference of any diameter whatsoever. Here are several examples, noting that the DD to a diameter of 9 is employed in every instance:

    9^2 (10) (0.07853...) = 63.6172...area;
    8^2 (10) (0.07853...) = 50.2654...area;
    7^2 (10) (0.07853...) = 38.4845...area; etc., and for any diameter whatsoever.

    Like Root 2, Base 10 rules.

    "All things number and harmony." - Pythagoras
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    Eh? Could someone explain this or give a link to read to make sense of it please.
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    Hi, Zurtex! What is there about it you would like to know? I'll help as I can.
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    Dondes back!
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    - Warren
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