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Base 10 log question

  1. Sep 29, 2008 #1
    Is there a way to calculate multi digit base 10 logs without a calc or tables?

    eg.. what is ? log (base 10) of 1381.42?? (without a calulator)??
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    (with caveat that i memorized log 1 - 9)
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    Of coursethat is possible, the first people who made tables did not have calculators.
    numbers should be decomposed multiplicatively.
    One method is to factor into primes
    This shows a problem logs of many primes will be needed
    another method would involve writing the number as a product of factors with known logs and factors near 1 since when x is small
    say one knew log(138176)
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    What I would do is this:
    First, log(1381.42)= log(0.138142 x104)= 4+ log(0.138142).

    Now, use the 'Taylor's Polynomial' expansion:
    for 0< x< 1, log(x)= x+ (1/2)x2+ (1/3)x^3+ ...+ (1/n)x^n.
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