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Base plus base?

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    Say i were to mix a basewith a pH of say 8, with a pH 14. what would my final pH be? 11?
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    it depends upon the concentrations of each, and the pK of the bases - but it is safe to say that your pH will be somewhere between 8-14.

    the exact pH will follow the Henderson-Hasselbach eq.
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    ...and of course, the volume of each base matters.
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    It would *have* to follow a non-linear mixing formula, since the pH number is logarythmic. pH9 is 10x more alkaline than pH8; pH10 is 10x more alkaline than pH9.
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    a base with a pH of 8 is very weak, do you think that the weak base will hydrolyze more or less when there already exists a significant concentration of hydroxide (consider this problem in terms of rates). I'll explain the specifics later.
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    Not necessarilly. It can be strong, but diluted.
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    in the relative sense, as mentioned in the original post, yes it would be very weak...compared to one which would register a pH of 14.
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