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Baseball Travelling

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    A major league pitcher can throw a baseball in excess of 42.0 m/s. if a ball is thrown horizontally at this speed, how much will it drop by the time it reaches the catcher who is 15.1 m away from the point of release?

    I worked this out as an x and y problem and I got 2.57 for the distance at wihch the ball dropped (d on the Y side of the problem.)

    I first found time for the X side, then carried that to the Y side which had Vi = 0 and a = -9.81 m/s^2.

    Did I do anything wrong? Any help would be great, thanks so much
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    I don't get 2.57 meters. Are you using
    [tex]y = y_0 + v_i t + \frac{a}{2} t^2[/tex] ?
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    Sorry I got the answer already, thank you though.
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