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Basic arithmetic through to university lvl textbook recommendations

  1. Feb 15, 2013 #1
    Hi all, newbie here.

    So I've tried asking this question on Reddit with barely a reply and now another forum I frequent with also not much of a reply. And a while back an acquaintance recommended this forum to me.

    So my request is can you recommend me some mathematics textbooks that go from basic arithmetic all the way up to university level mathematics. See I'm in high school currently (year 11) but I've been a sick kid and thus there are gaps in my learning. I therefore basically wish to re-teach myself maths. Plus some good textbooks are always good for a future reference. I've been using Khan Academy but it's lacking in some areas. And I know about the other sites and have checked them out but I am looking for books just books. And knowing what books to get is the hard bit here.

    So any help is appreciated.


    If I've posted in the wrong area sorry and please move it to the appropriate area.
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