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Basic chemistry question

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    Ok there is a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine molecules in a container.

    I need to compare a)the temperature of each gas, and b)the average kinetic energy of the molecules

    without doing any calculations.

    a) I'm not sure I should answer with T=PV/nR for each one or whether i should just assume that the temperature is the same for both since they are in the same container.

    b) from my physics course, I believe this is just Ek = .5mv^2
    but I'm not sure how to compare, since I dont know the velocity of the molecules?

    any ideas?
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    also is it ok to post chemistry problems on this board? :shy:
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    There is a place in other science right under engineering but
    If you need a better chemistry site go her and go to beginners for your question
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