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Homework Help: Basic Circuits help

  1. Oct 6, 2009 #1
    My teacher has been absent most of the semester and the substiute hasn't been much help so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Thanks

    1. Find i1 and i2.

    2. (a) Determine the value of i.
    (b) Find the power supplied by the dependent voltage source.


    3. (a) Find R if V1=30 V.
    (b) Find R if power supplied by the current source is 1575 W.


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    It doesn't matter if your teacher is AWOL. You know how to use wikipedia and other learning resouces on the Internet. We do not do your homework for you here at the PF. Show us your KCL or KVL equations as an attempt at the solution. Then we can offer tutorial help if you have problems.
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    Did you read the bit above where it says not to put homework here?

    The second and third question are at a much higher level than the first one, so I have to wonder if you really couldn't do even the first one?

    Without doing it for you,
    What is 3 ohms in series with 3 ohms?

    What is the result of putting 3 ohms across this combination?

    What is the result of putting 4 ohms in series with this combination?

    Now put 36 volts across the whole set of resistors and what current flows?

    How much voltage is there across the 4 ohm resistor?

    How much voltage is across the combination of 3 ohm resistors?

    So, how much current is flowing in the single 3 ohm resistor?

    How much is flowing in the series 3 ohm resistors?
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