Basic coil/magnet behavior

  1. Hello all,

    In the sketch attached below, I have a cylindrical coil with a cylindrical permanent magnet located in the center (assume the magnet can only move in the axial A-B direction). It is my understanding that if the coil had current flowing through it so that side A was the south pole and side B was the north, and the permanent magnet started in the position shown, the permanent magnet would move towards A and settle in the center of the coil (please correct me if that is inaccurate). What I can't visualize is where the permanent magnet would settle (again starting from the position shown) if the current was reversed and the A side was the North pole and the B side was the south pole... Would the north end of the magnet (the outside surface) line up with the outside surface of the B side on the coil?

    Thanks for your help

    - confused mech engineer

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  3. Yes. It would be just like two permanent magnets stuck together at a single N-S edge.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up!
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