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Homework Help: Basic conversion

  1. Jul 14, 2011 #1
    (1.) How many cm^2 equal a m^2?

    A.) 10^2
    B.) 10^4
    C.) 10^-2
    D.) 10^-4
    E.) 10^6

    (2.) In the year 2000, the average size of a transistor in a microprocessor was 250 nanometers. A human hair has a diameter of 70 microns (micrometers). How many transistors fit across a human hair?

    A.) 2.8
    B.) 28
    C.) 0.28
    D.) 2800
    E.) 280
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    You need to show some effort to get help here.
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    start with how many cm equals 1m ...
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