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Homework Help: Basic derivative question

  1. Feb 13, 2008 #1
    I came across a derivative question on my exam that involved finding the derivative of


    and I realized I wasn't sure what to do with it... I figured you could either use

    [tex] f'(x^{n}) = nx^{n-1} [/tex]

    and come out with

    [tex] xe^{x} [/tex]

    or maybe since x is a variable you need to use the multiplication rule?

    f'g + g'f

    [tex]= e^{x} + xe^{x}[/tex]

    (Or maybe something entirely different - this is still new to me :uhh:)
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    You answered your own question. You use the product rule and come out with xe^x+e^x. Good job.

    EDIT: Some teachers would prefer you to simplify your problem into (x+1)e^x, but either way, you got the right answer.
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