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Basic Doubt

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    [SOLVED] Basic Doubt

    Hi All,I Want to know the meaning of this formula:MeV/C², Someone can help me???It seems like a big misterious! ;)) Sorry, i´m new in the physics.I beginning to study it,2 weeks ago.Best regards.

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    Hmm... It's a little ambiguous.

    MeV could equal Mega electron volts, which is an unit of energy. So MeV/c^2 could be an expression for mass. (ie. E = mc^2)
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    :wink: Thank you very much Buddy.I think which you help me.I´m grateful.I like this forum,Congratulations for the Owner and the moderator.Best regards.

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    Yeah -- lots of times in particle physics we want to work in
    "natural" units where mass, momentum, and energy all the same units. Then you will see momentum expressed in units of "eV/c" and mass in units of "eV/c^2" (or MeV etc as the case may be.)

    eg 34 MeV/c^2 ~ 2e-13 J/c^2 ~ 2e-30 kg
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    Thanks for explanation,friend.It seems like a big misterious! ;) But it is not so hard.Best regards.

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